#25 – Earned Wisdom! For Accomplished Leaders: Same Problem Different Day; The Cure for the Challenge

#25 – Earned Wisdom! Same Problem Different Day; The Cure for the Challenge

You are a wealth of knowledge and experience. Other people know it, but when the same challenge pops up over and over, you might start to question your effectiveness as a leader. Whether it’s another slow month or another new hire quitting, you wonder if this is the time it’ll finally go down the toilet.

As a leader it can be not to personalize, so this podcast is about looking deeper into what’s triggering you so you can turn things around. Looking at problems as your responsibility to solve rather than your fault is a game-changer. One is empowering while the other is deflating. Listen in for more steps you can take to change your behavior patterns and fully embody the accomplished leader you are.




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