#53: Earned Wisdom! For Accomplished Female Leaders with Marilyn Alauria

#53: Earned Wisdom! For Accomplished Female Leaders with Marilyn Alauria

Join Tracy and Marilyn Alauria, an Emmy Award-winning author and psychic medium, for a captivating discussion on leadership and intuitive decision-making. 

Discover the secrets of standing strong on policies, the art of compromise, and the power of trusting your intuition. Marilyn shares insights from her Next Level Living program, unveiling the transformative potential of psychic gifts for personal and professional growth. 

Tune in as she decodes the soul’s symbolic language, offering a unique perspective rooted in her Emmy Award-winning expertise. 

A glimpse into this episode:

[1:30] Emmy Winner to Psychic Medium: Marilyn shares her transformative journey from the entertainment industry to embracing her psychic mediumship and teaching others.

[5:47] Epiphany of Purpose: Marilyn recounts the pivotal moment she chose spiritual teaching over acting, marking a profound shift in her life’s direction.

[10:50] Entrepreneurial Shift: Insights into Marilyn’s transition from personal readings to launching a successful membership program, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit.

[15:02] Corporate to Mission-Driven: A powerful story of a woman leaving her VP role to follow her passion, inspiring others to align their careers with their missions.

[19:23] Overcoming Scarcity: A discussion on shifting from a scarcity mindset to a solution-oriented approach, crucial for personal and business growth.

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