#26 – Earned Wisdom! For Accomplished Leaders: Build Yourself up From the Inside Out To Lead With Confidence

#26 – Earned Wisdom! Build Yourself up From the Inside Out To Lead With Confidence

As female leaders, we can lead with confidence even if we don’t have it all figured out…because none of us really do. Pangs of insecurity are normal, but when we feel threatened by other women, a common response is to judge them harshly (even if it’s only in our own head). It comes from a place of fear: afraid we don’t measure up or afraid we’ll be “found out.”

Instead of tearing other women down to artificially boost our confidence, we can build ourselves up. In this episode we’ll talk about the insecurities, attachments, blame and expectations that block us from feeling confident. Because as harshly as we may judge other women, we’re even harsher on ourselves. By addressing our insecurities we not only lift ourselves up, we’re able to champion other women too.





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